Old School Cool / by Kangkan Rabha


Well. The appeal of the side stripes on pants never gets old to me. I can barely hold in my excitement. Even so, I’m sick ATM and Probably sneezing like an old man after minutes after a minute. But woohoo to the cool weather that on the way. SIGHH. It’s always a fascinating thing. This new in Rosegal jacket, I cannot seem to enough of it from the cool art to the perfect fit. What not to like about it. It’s a RAD new pieces and can be a very playful. I wore my ASOS turtleneck sleeves inside it. The peek of it makes them look more put together with the jacket. and those boots you will get more to see it. CHOO! Will talk about it soon. (Phew. Relief) 

What to more. Like always, it was hard to keep Zoe, the strangers, the cars, out of the pictures(too literally) but it was never a problem. How could it ever be?! Thanks, for the characters.


Sporty yet casual, authentic and easy.